Tell us about your business

Let us know about your business challenges and your recruitment needs. We are dedicated to learn about company’s culture and the specifics of the positions to fill.

Our goal is to find the ideal candidate who will meet your expectations, want to invest and contribute to the development of your company.

Our process

Understanding your needs: a meeting with the people in charge of the position to be filled allows us to understand your needs, your expectations, the corporate culture and your short and long-term goals.

The search: we use our candidate database, networking and if needed, head-hunting.

The interviews: all résumés are analyzed. We conduct in-depth telephone and in-person interviews with a list of pre-qualified candidates to verify and evaluate their skills and abilities.

Candidate assessment: our analysis and evaluation tools allow us to quickly target candidates with the ideal profile.

References check: we check three references, and at your request, a criminal background check at no additional charge.

Guarantee: we offer a replacement guarantee if the candidate is not suitable or if the departure of the candidate is voluntary.

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