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International automotive recruitment
Bodywork, Mechanics,
Auto Glass, Car detailing
Ingenia Personnel Recrutement International is a recruitment agency specializing in the automotive and heavy vehicle industry. Our services are aimed at dealerships, body shops, mechanical shops, auto glass shops, auto detailing and other related sectors. We work closely with employers to recruit highly qualified workers.
Why choose us?
Industry expertise
Our team is made up of automotive experts who understand the unique challenges facing your business. We speak the language of the automobile and are passionate about its constant evolution.
Networks and local teams
Our overseas teams work and collaborate with local professional organizations, training schools and a network of partners to select the best candidates you need.
Rigorous selection process
Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the best candidates reach your company. We carefully assess technical skills and expertise to provide you with talent that will make a difference.
Transparency and communication
We communicate transparently, keeping you informed of the progress of the process and responding promptly to your questions and concerns.